Rosie Stopped By Sunset Park today! :)

SCAR Grad Rosie came to visit us at our Sunset Park shelter this weekend! Our staff was very happy to see this sweet girl, who was adopted after spending months in our shelter. Rosie had very bad mange and was a patient in our Critical Care Program. Now this beautiful girl has an amazing family to call her own and she looks better than ever! 

Rosie stopped by today!
Rosie stopped by today! “Hi Ally!!”

We are only able to give dogs like Rosie a second chance with your support. Please consider making a donation so we can continue helping animals in need.

We are one of very few rescues who take in the most difficult medical cases. We do it because no one else will. Other rescues, the city’s Animal Control and our neighbors look to us for help and support. We are however beginning to reach our financial boundaries and are preparing to scale down our critical care program in the near future. This means that we will only take in the animals that are already adoptable. Not the ones that truly need us. With your generous donations, hundreds of critically injured animals who would otherwise not be given a chance could be saved and given a second chance at life.

Any assistance you can provide to our rescue would be greatly appreciated.