Meet Critical Care Patient: Spunky Brewster

We’d like to introduce you to one of our newest Critical Care Program patients, Spunky Brewster.

Little Spunky Brewster - SCAR CCP

Spunky is one of the 15 dogs we rescued from an Amish puppy mill. This poor girl needed to have dental surgery because she had moderate to severe dental disease. This sadly occurs from years of neglect and a lack of veterinary care. Spunky’s medical exam also revealed that she was obese and had luxating patellas. Despite her luxating patellas, the doctors are holding off on knee surgery since she is still very mobile. We are hoping that a proper diet will get Spunky down to a healthy weight, which will relieve the stress on her knees. Spunky is very shy and nervous from a lack of human interaction, but she is slowly earning our trust and will come to us with loving words of encouragement!

We are very hopeful for Spunky! 

These are Spunky’s photos before and after photos from her surgery. We warn you that some of the photos are graphic. We would like to give a big thank you to Ani-Care Animal Hospital for their amazing work and for taking care of our little babies.

Spunky's Surgery 2


Thank you Ani-Care Animal Hospital !

Thank you Ani-Care Animal Hospital !

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