Meet our newest Critical Care patient: LEMO

Hi friends, we’d like to introduce you to the newest patient in our Critical Care Program, Lemo.

LEMO - Critical CareLemo is a handsome 8 month old kitten who has had a rough start to life. He was found in Brooklyn on Farragut Road and East 89th Street. This little boy was picked up by Animal Care and Control. We couldn’t leave that precious face at ACC, so we quickly picked him up and transported him to our veterinarian. After being examined by our vet, little Lemo was found to have an injured left hind leg. Sadly, the leg had been damaged beyond repair and left untreated for so long that it had to be amputated. Now Lemo is rehabilitating and learning how to live life with only three legs. Despite having his leg removed, Lemo is very affectionate and loves to give kisses. This sweetie is currently up for adoption at our Windsor Terrace shelter. We hope that Lemo finds his forever family soon so that he will have a nice home to recover in!

Please consider making a donation towards our Critical Care Program so that we can continue to help animals like Lemo. We need help paying for the veterinary care of these precious babies. We are only able to take in these severe cases of neglect and provide life-saving care with the help of good people like you! Help us in providing these innocent babies with the second chance they deserve! We cannot continue doing what we do without ALL OF YOU!  We are one of very few rescues who take in the most difficult medical cases. We do it because no one else will. Other rescues, the city’s Animal Control and our neighbors look to us for help and support. We are however beginning to reach our financial boundaries and will be forced to scale down our critical care program in the near future. We need your help to save this life saving program.

Rosie stopped by

Rosie, Critical Care Program Grad, stopped by today!

Over the years SCAR has saved thousands of animals (Over 8000 animals pulled from animal care and control alone since 1998). We need your help to continue saving the animals that need it the most. With your generous donations, hundreds of critically injured animals who would otherwise not be given a chance could be saved and given a second chance at life. Any assistance you can provide to our rescue would be greatly appreciated.