Prospect Park Dog Rescue!

Yesterday we were busy with adoptions for Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days , but is was rescue business as usual for us at SCAR! A large male Pitbull was seen yesterday morning swimming in Prospect Park Lake. This big boy went into the lake to chase some swans, but this pup was swimming non-stop and would not come to the shore. Ashley O’Brien, owner of SCAR Grad Sprocket, called us and let us know about the situation. Although we were very busy, Sean Casey left the shelter to rescue this Pitbull. We could not say no to helping this boy!

Prospect Park Dog Rescue!

Prospect Park Dog Rescue!

When Sean arrived the dog had been in the lake for over an hour and was still swimming. He looked dangerously exhausted, so Sean dove into the lake, lassoed up the dog, and brought him to shore. He is now safe with us! We have named him Michael Phelps because he is clearly an excellent swimmer! Michael looks very well taken care of, but he was not microchipped.

If you know the owner of this dog, please call us at 347-599-1500.

If no one claims Michael, he will be available for adoption at our Sunset Park shelter in the next few days.

Sean Casey Animal Rescue – Sunset Park
551 39th Street, Bkln NY 11232



We love happy endings!

Michael Goes Home!! :)

Michael Goes Home with Daddy!! :)

We are happy to announce that Michael Phelps, the Pitbull we rescued from the lake in Prospect Park, has been reunited with his owner! The handsome boy slipped away from his owner Saturday night. His owner spent the night searching for his pup, and was there Sunday as well, but we had already rescued the dog and had him at our shelter.

Thank you to everyone who shared Michael’s story.

With your help, we were able to reunite this lovely pair!