Walter UPDATE!! Please share widely!

WALTER UPDATE Sean Casey Animal Rescue

WALTER UPDATE – Sean Casey Animal Rescue:

*** Walter Update!!! ***

As you can see in this before and after photo our wonderful Walter has come along way since first arriving at SCAR. Walter has been fully groomed. His ears have been flushed under anesthesia and are responding well to medication. His eyes are healing nicely. The ulcers have closed and the inflammation is down. He does have a lot of scaring on both eyes that will affect his vision but he will not be totally blind. Walter has been diagnosed with a severe heart murmur and will be having an echo-cardiogram in a few days to help us determine what his long term treatment will entail.

The SCAR team would like to thank all who have donated so far. We are very close to meeting our fundraising goal. If you would like donate and read Walter’s full story please visit