Luck of the Irish! Elyssa has been adopted! :)


This St. Patrick’s Day SCAR graduate is a very special one. Elyssa arrived at our shelter in Nov of 2013. She was caked in dried blood and severely under weight. The blood had been sitting on her coat for so long that that her hair fell out when we washed it off and the skin underneath was infected. Upon further examination we found the blood had come from her mouth. Poor Elyssa’s tongue had been ripped out. After a few months of treatment and rehabilitation (we had to teach her how to eat ) Elyssa made a full recovery. We posted her story several times and took her to all of our events but she was always passed over by potential adopters, that is until today. Elyssa had the luck of the Irish on her side this St. Patrick’s Day when she went off to her forever home. Congratulations to Elyssa and thank you to this amazing couple who gave this special needs dog a forever home.