Meet Phooenix, newest SCAR Critical Care Patient…


The SCAR team needs your help, thoughts, and prayers for the newest patient in our Critical Care Program – we’ve name her, Phoenix. We received a call Monday morning about a dog near death that had been thrown in the garbage on Bergen St. in Brooklyn. The caller stated that the dog was in terrible shape; very skinny and had a terrible smell to her. Before SCAR could get to the dog officers from the NYPD picked her up and rushed her to Animal Care and Control (ACC) who unfortunately was not in a position to give Phoenix the long term care she needed. Given our track record on successfully treating dogs in this condition, ACC transferred Phoenix to SCAR for treatment at Pet Haven Animal Hospital.

When Phoenix arrived, she was lifeless – she had no strength to move. Her breathing was shallow, her eyes were rolled back into her head, her temperature was low, and she had an infected laceration on her front leg. The doctors felt her odds of survival were slim but we felt we had to try. An IV catheter was placed and we started her on fluids. She was placed on a heat pad and wrapped with a bear hugger in an attempt to raise her body temperature. Blood was drawn for diagnostic testing and we made her as comfortable as possible for the start of her long journey.

We ask all of our supporters to keep her in their thoughts and we promise to update daily on her progress. If you would like to help Phoenix and others like her, please consider making a donation to SCAR’s Critical Care Program. You can donate through our Critical Care Program Fund or payments can be made directly to Pet Haven Animal Hospital (718) 435-6900.

Sean Casey Animal Rescue - Critical Care Program Fund

Sean Casey Animal Rescue – Critical Care Program Fund