Meet Big Poppa in Sunset Park!

BIG PAPA 1Papa is our nervous 1 year old Pibble mix. Papa was left tied up in front of our Sunset Park shelter in the middle of winter. Our staff found him in the morning, shivering and scared. This big boy is very cautious and nervous around new people (wouldn’t you be too if you were left tied to a fence?), and it may take multiple visits before Papa warms up to you (some people he loves right away though!). Because Papa is a nervous pup around strangers, he would be best suited in a quiet home. Papa knows all of his commands and once he accepts you into his circle of trust, he is a big mush who is filled with nothing but love and kisses. Papa is friendly with other pups and cats! This big boy needs a patient and understanding owner, will you be the one to give him a chance?

BIG PAPA 2If you’d like to adopt Papa, you can find him at our shelter in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, located at 551 39th Street. We are open daily from 11am to 7pm.

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