Attention Pibble Lovers!!!!

SCAR will be rocking the
Stand Up For Pits event here in NYC
at the Gotham Comedy Club on May 3!


Come on out and support us and our Pibbles by dropping off a donation
and of course meet the SCAR Team
and some of our beautiful Pibbles who will be available for adoption!

Please show your support for this event by joining the page here on Facebook… we want to show some SCAR love there!



Please mark your calendars for our donation drive on May 2!
Please stop by our Windsor Terrace shelter and make a donation for our Pibbles and take one of them for a walk!



To learn more about the Stand Up For Pits Foundation please visit one of the following links:



Founder Stand Up For Pits Foundation

Organizer One Million PIBBLE March On Washington DC


Meet Big Poppa in Sunset Park!

BIG PAPA 1Papa is our nervous 1 year old Pibble mix. Papa was left tied up in front of our Sunset Park shelter in the middle of winter. Our staff found him in the morning, shivering and scared. This big boy is very cautious and nervous around new people (wouldn’t you be too if you were left tied to a fence?), and it may take multiple visits before Papa warms up to you (some people he loves right away though!). Because Papa is a nervous pup around strangers, he would be best suited in a quiet home. Papa knows all of his commands and once he accepts you into his circle of trust, he is a big mush who is filled with nothing but love and kisses. Papa is friendly with other pups and cats! This big boy needs a patient and understanding owner, will you be the one to give him a chance?

BIG PAPA 2If you’d like to adopt Papa, you can find him at our shelter in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, located at 551 39th Street. We are open daily from 11am to 7pm.

PLEASE SHARE and help us find Big Papa the loving home he deserves!

Walk with PSFP this Saturday for Sean Casey Rescue!!

Hi Everyone!

dog-event-volunteers-san-diegoOur good friends at Park Slope for Pets have organized a dog walking event for SCAR Sunset Park this Saturday, March 28 from 12 noon – 2pm.
*SCAR-SP: 551 39th Street, Brooklyn NY 11232
*Phone: 347-599-1500

Ready to walk? Well, here’s a link to our DOG WALKING VOLUNTEER FORM. You can download, fill this out and bring the completed form with you on Saturday!

Here is the direct link to RSVP to the event:

When it comes down to walking our wonderful pups, the more people there are the more walks can be done AND the weather is not looking so bad! (Sunglasses and a jacket should do the trick). 

Hope to see you on Saturday!

Meet Phooenix, newest SCAR Critical Care Patient…


The SCAR team needs your help, thoughts, and prayers for the newest patient in our Critical Care Program – we’ve name her, Phoenix. We received a call Monday morning about a dog near death that had been thrown in the garbage on Bergen St. in Brooklyn. The caller stated that the dog was in terrible shape; very skinny and had a terrible smell to her. Before SCAR could get to the dog officers from the NYPD picked her up and rushed her to Animal Care and Control (ACC) who unfortunately was not in a position to give Phoenix the long term care she needed. Given our track record on successfully treating dogs in this condition, ACC transferred Phoenix to SCAR for treatment at Pet Haven Animal Hospital.

When Phoenix arrived, she was lifeless – she had no strength to move. Her breathing was shallow, her eyes were rolled back into her head, her temperature was low, and she had an infected laceration on her front leg. The doctors felt her odds of survival were slim but we felt we had to try. An IV catheter was placed and we started her on fluids. She was placed on a heat pad and wrapped with a bear hugger in an attempt to raise her body temperature. Blood was drawn for diagnostic testing and we made her as comfortable as possible for the start of her long journey.

We ask all of our supporters to keep her in their thoughts and we promise to update daily on her progress. If you would like to help Phoenix and others like her, please consider making a donation to SCAR’s Critical Care Program. You can donate through our Critical Care Program Fund or payments can be made directly to Pet Haven Animal Hospital (718) 435-6900.

Sean Casey Animal Rescue - Critical Care Program Fund

Sean Casey Animal Rescue – Critical Care Program Fund

Stand Up For Pits Foundation & SCAR – May 3, 2015!!

We are so excited to be working with Rebecca Corry and the Stand Up For Pits Foundation (SUFP)! They have chosen SCAR to attend and benefit from this year’s Stand Up For Pits event in NYC on May 3, 2015 at the Gotham Comedy Club with performances by Rebecca Corry, Janeane Garafolo and Rosie O’Donnell!! SUFP has organized a donation drive for us too!

STAND UP FOR PITS FOUNDATION for Sean Casey Animal Rescue May  3 2015

Please share this flyer and help make this drive a success in honor of all our beautiful Pibbles!!

To learn more about the Stand Up For Pits Foundation please visit one of the following links: 



Founder Stand Up For Pits Foundation

Organizer One Million PIBBLE March On Washington DC

Please show your support for this event by joining the page here on Facebook…we want to show some SCAR love there!

There are a few tickets left and you can purchase one by visiting the website


*Walter Update* Home & available at Windsor Terrace!

Luck of the Irish! Elyssa has been adopted! :)


This St. Patrick’s Day SCAR graduate is a very special one. Elyssa arrived at our shelter in Nov of 2013. She was caked in dried blood and severely under weight. The blood had been sitting on her coat for so long that that her hair fell out when we washed it off and the skin underneath was infected. Upon further examination we found the blood had come from her mouth. Poor Elyssa’s tongue had been ripped out. After a few months of treatment and rehabilitation (we had to teach her how to eat ) Elyssa made a full recovery. We posted her story several times and took her to all of our events but she was always passed over by potential adopters, that is until today. Elyssa had the luck of the Irish on her side this St. Patrick’s Day when she went off to her forever home. Congratulations to Elyssa and thank you to this amazing couple who gave this special needs dog a forever home.